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CRCA coils

CRCA Coils / CRCA Pipes / CRCA Sheets

We Manufacture CRCA Coils at our METCRAFT STEEL PRIVATE LIMITED Plant situated at Palghar Near Mumbai city, which has four hi cold roll mill, here  thickness of Hot Roll Coil’s Reduce to desired Thickness, Shape & Surface. CRCA means "cold rolled close annealed". This means that after hot rolling and pickling, the steel is cold rolled to a reduced thickness ,which is then followed by annealing in a closed atmosphere of nitrogen or other non-oxidizing gases (which softens it back up while protecting it from oxidation).

Maximum Coil Width is 750mm and thickness reduced achieved upto 0.45mm minimum

Process of CRCA coils

HR Slitting

Here HOT Roll Coils are slited as per size required , our HR slitting Machine can slitt Coils upto
6 mm thickness
1500 Width
30 MT Maximum Coil weight

Cold Rolling

Coils are rolling as per required thickness ,Here we are having PLC Controller to monitoring entire movements on rolling mill which contain related software which show actual speed and movements of machinery our operators are Specially trained for accurate results, here we can reduce thickness of HR Coils upto 0.45

mm, and process coils upto 750mm width, surface hardness, thickness are testing every passing as per IS 513:2008 standard. We are committed to meet customers requirement along with maintaining all Standard. 


Aftrer under going cold rolling coils are become very hard because of work hardening and loss of ductility, In order to restore ductility formability coils are annealed in to protactive nitrogen-hydrogen atmosphere so that desired grain size and orientation is obtained, With use of Bell Furnace we annealed coils as per hardness required, following are mechanical Properties for Annealed and Skinpass sheets and strips

Skin Pass

After compleating process of Annealing Coils are moved to skinpass, annealed cold roll coil are skin pass to prevent Strecure stains or wrinkles on formed achieve flatness .to impart matt or bright finishing as required .

C.R Slitting

Cold roll coil further processs for slitting after skin pass, on C.R. Slitter as per requirement coils are slitted slitting size limit are minimum 30mm width.

Cut to Length

If steel strip is requirement of customer, coils are send to cut to length machine , here coils are cut as per require length

Advantages of CRCA Coils / CRCA Pipes / CRCA Sheets:
- Close Dimensional Tolerances
- Excellent surface finish
- Controlled mechanical & physical properties as per customer requirements
- Excellent Testing Facilities

Cold rolled steel sheets offer a variety of features, including easy formability and a smooth, clean surface, and are used in automobiles, appliances, furniture, etc.

Cold rolled steel sheets offer a variety of features, including easy formability and a smooth, clean surface, and are used in automobiles, appliances, furniture, etc. Crca is done by five step process in which the cold rolled products accuracy is measured by cold rolling process. Rolling oil on the cold rolled strip is burned off during annealing, which is the next process after cold rolling. The formability of products is determined by annealing.Annealed coils are lightly rolled by the skinpass mill to prevent a defect called stretcher strain and then the shape of the strip is improved. After skinpass rolling, coils are processed at the recoiling line, where the strips are cut to produce product coils of the weight according to the requirement or at the shearing line, where they are cut to sheets in the specified dimensions.

Thakkar Group is amongst the paramount suppliers of CRCA Coils, CRCA Pipes, CRCA Sheets that are high on demand by large clients based in Mumbai, various parts of India and across the globe


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