THAKKAR GROUP is one of the largest independent engineering groups that has completed 25 successful years. Thakkar Group is involved in manufacturing of a wide range of products that include False Ceilings / Partition section, various cold roll formed sections, roofing and Decking,claddings, Metal Beam Crash Barriers, Prefabricated Building Structures, CRCA Coils, Sheets, Solar Panel, Collecting / Discharge Electrode and Automobile assemblies. We follow state of the art techniques to meet customers demand for quality, accuracy and reliability. 

The Group takes pride in being a high performance organization, providing world-class services & products. Managed by highly efficient and dynamic team of employees, the Group is growing stronger everyday.
We insist on setting and surpassing world-class benchmarks in everything we do. All our businesses are highly integrated across the value chain and use the latest technology to stay strong and agile.

In appreciation of the group's contribution to the country's infrastructure development particularly innovative petrol pumps as found in overseas countries, Metcraft Steel Pvt Ltd has been awarded second prize by the Govt. of Maharashtra for the year 2001

The Company has taken expensive strides to become one of India’s leading Steel Makers.

Award received from Govt. of Maharashtra

  Mr. K. L. Thakkar
Thakkar Group of Companies

Founder of THAKKAR GROUP, Late Mr. K. L. Thakkar, an able administrator and a dynamic leader of all sorts. His principle "We have multiplying power to add" has helped THAKKAR GROUP to grow by all leaps and bound.        
  Mr. Devang Thakkar
Managing Director

Managing Director of THAKKARSONS; METCRAFT AND METFORM: Expertise In Cold Roll Forming Machines and Rollers. Creator of Indigenous Roll Forming Machines with different method for cost effective and for better productivity. 

Mr. Bhavin Thakkar
Managing Director of KLT Automotive: Innovated Tubular chassis first time in India and proceeding for the Development of Hydro Forming Technology

Mr. Jubin Thakkar
Qualified Chartered Accountant 8th Rank Holder all India, heading M/s.Color Roof India Ltd and Finance Director of M/s. KLT Automotive, Young & Dynamic finance controller. Organizer in Team management

Mrs. Mansi Thakkar
Director, Administrative in charge and advisor for Factory Development 
A Word from the Board of Director

A successful enterprise, and the betterment of the society, trudge the path of human-evolution hand-in-hand.

Whether it's the domestic market or the international market, we never compromise on quality. Quality is ingrained in the very philosophy of our enterprise and is adhered to by every single worker of our group. But quality doesn't mean a high production cost. In fact, we have been achieving international-level quality quotients by simply removing and modernizing processes that waste precious resources. We have worked at lowest project cost with least dependence on outside funding. This is what gives us a cost competitive edge over others.

In a nutshell, we are well positioned for the future. We have consolidated our position in the Indian steel industry and will reap the benefits of our strategy, investments and dilige

The Thakkar Group Philosophy :

This philosophy constitutes the underlying principles and ethics by which we at THAKKAR GROUP conduct our business. Like all successful companies, we strive to produce quality products at a competitive price for our customers.


Quality Policy :
We, at ThakkarGroup, are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through the supply of quality products and services on time, as per mutually agreed specifications and terms. We shall achieve this goal through the team effort of our committed employees and by continuously elevating quality consciousness and concern for the environment in all spheres of activity, in our prevailing responsive working atmosphere.

Safety Policy :
Thakkar Group firmly believes that health and safety is one of its prime concerns. It is the company's policy that the management shall do all that is reasonable to provide a safe and healthy workplace and make every possible effort to prevent accidents and minimize health hazards in the company's operations, maintenance and other plant activities.

To take care of the dynamic risk arising out of the plant activities, we have provided various Personal Protective Equipments to the employees. Any plant-related activity is associated with a safe operating procedure and all the operations staff are required to strictly follow the same.

Awareness :
Increased awareness always helps in accident prevention. To make the employees aware of the hazards associated with their work, the company has put up safety instruction boards, posters and slogans at all key locations. 

Mission :

To make the company a benchmark in industrial safety by achieving zero accident status through:


Elimination of unsafe conditions & unsafe acts


Training of employees


Increasing awareness 

Raising employee involvement

Training :
We firmly believe that safety is a state of mind and that all unsafe behavior results from a wrong mindset. Training is the best tool available to ensure that employees are armed with the proper mindset. At Thakkar Group, we place great emphasis on safety training. In the past year, we have conducted 10 training programmes for employees covering, about 200 employees.

Audit :
Various Audits are conducted through company auditor and Outside auditor  on a monthly basis and suggestions are implemented immediately. Further, safety surveys are conducted on a monthly basis by the company's safety officers and time bound corrective action is We Re with ISO_9001-2000 Based Standard Certification for our all units.

Sound Engineering Practices :
The plant layout and design are approved by the factory inspectorate and our structural team . The technology used in the plant is the latest and incorporates many inherent safety measures to safeguard against human errors. 

Thakkar Group units are:


Metcraft Steel Pvt. Ltd.


Metform Corporation


Thakkarsons Roll Froming Pvt. Ltd.


Metcraft Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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