Quality Control


Manufacturing cold roll Form Products, galvanized aluminium zinc and Coated Precoated, painted best quality steel products.
We complete National, international, statutory and legal requirements for safety,health and environment in manufacturing process. 
Always enhance, and upgrade Technology, Resources, and Personnel Competence to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.
For Quality Improvement we Accept Customers Suggestions by understanding their requirements and needs.
Improve effectiveness of quality and Constant in better Performance 
Numerous definitions and methodologies have been created to assist in managing the quality

Many different techniques and concepts have evolved to improve product quality. There are two common quality-related functions within a business. One is quality assurance which is the prevention of defects, such as by the deployment of a quality management system and preventative activities. The other is quality control which is the detection of defects, most commonly associated with testing which takes place within a quality management system typically referred to as verification and validation.

Quality management is focused not only on product/service quality, but also the means to achieve it. Quality management therefore uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.

One of the permanent quality objectives of an organization should be the continual improvement of its overall performance.

Quality management will ensure the effective design of processes that verify customer needs, plan product life cycle and design, produce and deliver the product.

We approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction; all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services and the culture in which they work.

A wide range of tools and techniques is used for identifying, measuring, prioritizing and improving processes which are critical to quality.

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